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Cerritos residents and business owners can count on All Pest Pros to handle all of their pest control needs. Our specialties include a wide range of services while taking care of numerous types of infestations; from the smallest insects to the larger rodents that can make life miserable for those who live and work in the area, All Pest Pros takes a great deal of pride in customer satisfaction; whether having trouble with insects or rodents or both, our highly trained and certified technicians will quickly be able to assess most any given situation and devise a number of strategies to contain the issues at hand.

Our pan approach to taking care of the rodent population, such as rats and mice, includes a number of preventive maintenance procedures. Because no two properties are exactly alike in terms of terrain and overall landscaping, our specialists are well-schooled and experienced when it comes to spotting vulnerable problem areas, both inside your home and around your property lines. Whether living in a raised foundation dwelling or dealing with troublesome attic areas, problem solved! The primary objective in these situations is to seal off the affected areas and render them virtually uninhabitable. With a combination of trap-setting and sealing cracks and crevices, the likelihood of infestation can decrease dramatically. In severe cases, our chemical experts will be able to asses and apply a mixture of repellants where they’re needed.

All Pest Pros is also extremely proficient at handling all types of problematic insect infestations. Often times we receive calls concerning the infestations of ants, bed-bugs, cockroaches, and/or spiders. A different approach is used to eradicate each of these species; flushing out ant colonies involves an alternative remedy, as opposed to dealing with a variety of cockroach breeds. The same principle applies to spiders, as each group of insects has different nesting habits.

All in all, Cerritos residents and those living in the outlying areas of the region are welcome to give us a call or stop by and see what we’re all about. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about the extermination process, such as how long it takes and what you can expect. The annoyance and inconvenience of insects and vermin hanging around is bad enough as it is, and we truly don’t mind educating our customers regarding the process. We can also provide some helpful tips on how to avoid letting these unwanted creatures invade the inside of your home or your business; if you’re in need of a reliable pest control company, look no further than our contact page.

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