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Get Rid of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most common and despised pests throughout the country. They have an almost mythical reputation, and numerous urban legends and tall tales have sprung up surrounding them. While the cockroach is capable of surviving in many different environments under extreme conditions,

They Can’t Survive All Pest Pros!

Numerous stories abound about cockroaches, such as they can live a month without a head. False: They die of dehydration within a week. It’s stories like this that make it seem getting rid of roaches would be difficult. Although difficult, not impossible for your All Pest Pros technician.

We Can Kill Them Quick!

Our pest control system of insect growth regulators (IPM) can make short work of any cockroach infestation. After we establish the extent of the problem, and remove the food source, we can apply a treatment plan. While cockroach treatments typically involve pesticide use, All Pest Pros uses methods that reduce the risk to people and animals. Cockroach pest control is easy with our techniques and strategies.

We use IPM, traps, and inorganic dusts. Insect Growth Regulators disrupt an insect specific hormonal process, thereby making it significantly less toxic to mammals. Inorganic dusts are squeezed into cracks and crevices, as well as under and around large appliances, etc.

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We've been using All Pest Pros for quite a few years. They are always on time, neat and efficient. Excellent service.

Herbert W.

Dependable, friendly and reliable. Leo was trully efficient and performed an in-depth inspection to make sure my property was free and clear of termite issues. Thank you.

Terry P.

We have been using All Pest Pros for over a year. They eliminated a rodent problem for us and recently treated our house for termites. On all occasions they were professional, courteous, and thorough.

Elizabeth W.

I have been using All Pest Pros for my home and my parents home for years. We use the termite protection annual plan. We have really appreciated Joe - as he is hard working, respectful, knowledgeable, thorough, and caring! I would recommend All Pest Pros and Joe!

Clara D.

William, my inspector, arrived within the appointment time frame. He was professional and answered all my questions. He made sure that I understood the treatment that he performed. He kept everything very neat and tidy during the inspection.

Dee M.

I have been using your services for 10 yrs (under a diferent name then) Todays tech was very thorough and checked all of the areas and then spot treated where he found the little pets. Didn't take too long. Hopefully that will do it until next year. I always know that if I do see a swarm or an infestation you will come back and treat the area gratis.

Karen L.

I have used All Pest Pros for several years with no issues or problems. On time, courteous and professional.

Mitchell Y.

On time--waiting for me @10. Took plenty of time to explain and did written part w/me present. Professional and personal.

Art W.

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