10 Things You Didn’t Know About Spiders

1. There are about 40,000 Types of spiders in the world, but scientists estimate that just as many remain to be discovered.

2. 50% of women and 16% of men suffer from Arachnophobia, an irrational fear of Spiders.

3. Most Spiders have 6-8 Eyes.

4. Strongest-Known natural Fiber Spiders silk is made of strong strands of protein. Its tensile strength – the greatest stress a material will tolerate before breaking – is greater than bone and half the strength of steel.

5. The Bites of the Brazilian Wandering Spider can along with other Symptoms.

6. The Black Widow is the Most Venomous Spider in North America.

7. Spider Guts are too narrow to take solids, so they liquidize their Food by flooding it with Digestive Enzymes and grinding it up with Short Appendages.

8. Fossilized Spiders have been found in Carboniferous Rocks dating back 318 Million Years.

9. Longest Spider Giant Huntsman’s Leg Span can measure up to 12 Inches.

10. Largest Spider Goliath Bird eater can weigh more than 6oz. – About as much as a young puppy.

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