• 10 Star Service!
    Gerret the field manager was very very good..All post pros is the best!! Recommend this to everybody!! If I can give 10 stars I will!!

    - Maris B.

  • Total Professionals
    I have used All Pest Pros for a few years now and their customer service and technicians are total professionals. Whenever there is a problem either with pests or coming back or to take care of a persistent issue, they are prompt with service. I recommend All Pest Pros to anyone with a termite or vermin issue.

    - Alex P.

  • Friendly Staff
    Very professional place with friendly staff. They have been around for a while because they get the job done!!

    - Pamela T.

  • Highly Recommended
    I used them for termites and pest control to rid me of these pests! The crew did a phenomenal job. I highly recommend these professionals.

    - Stephanie V.

  • Very Afforable
    My experience was excellent I like that they send surveys to rate their techs on the work. The tech was on time and got ride of my pest problem.  Price was affordable. Thank you

    - Marisa B.

  • Amazing Customer Service
    I had them come out today to spray for spiders, ants, and crickets in the yard and perimeter of the house.  It was only $99 with a coupon.  We had a technician named Marvin, who did an excellent and thorough job.  He showed up on time, and explained in detail what he was going to do, and did exactly what he said.  He really cares about his job.  I've had other exterminators out here before who seemed pissed off to have to be working.  I think Marvin really enjoys what he does.  I'm glad I finally found an exterminator I can use on a regular basis.

    - Brent G.

  • Patient and Diligent Technicians
    I continue to be 100% satisfied with my All Pest Pros experience & outcome. No termites or bugs without tenting!!! The technician Victor was professional, competent,& very thorough. He was patient & answered all of my questions. I highly recommend using All Pest Pros.

    - Karen E.

  • Above & Beyond Service
    I have had rat problems for several years.  They chewed a huge hole in the drain of my washer, which I didn't find until the floor was taken up for remodel.  They chewed thru the wires of my dishwasher.  They were in my walls, ceiling, under my house, scritch scritching at night.  It was gross!!!  And, I am allergic to rodents so I had a persistent cough!   I had trapped many but still they were there.  APP came out, set traps everywhere, and sealed off most of the accesses from outside.  When we realized there were more holes, they kept coming back until all (hopefully) holes were blocked.  They also spot treated my house for termites, which was badly needed.  They felt they could  treat without tenting, which was great! I also finally resorted to 7 bait stations around the outside of my house.  I am opposed to poisons but the way they do it secondary poisoning is unlikely.  They certainly have not been a problem to my chickens either.   Now I have one more rat!  It comes in at night, goes after my house plants and cat food (which I now put in my frig at night), and leaves me  "calling cards" (poop).  I have been unsuccessful trapping it so APP is working on it with 3 covered traps in my living room.  So far we have been unsuccessful but I'm sure they (APP) will prevail.  I understand rats and mice so I don't blame this one on APP.  Rats are SMART!!!

    APP comes when they say, are very polite, and like my dogs - who like them!

    - Ann L.

  • Wonderful Experience
    have had a wonderful experience with all pest pros! First of all, I had scheduled an appointment a while ago, however due to different circumstances, I was unable to have them come over. I had to reschedule about 3 or 4 times, and they didn't complain or grumble at all! Also, Marvin came to our home, and he was so pleasant! He waited for us to get ready (and that's hard with two kids in the morning! It took a while!) and was very quick and efficient! We are planning on doing the monthly! We defiantly Want Marvin back!

    - C P.

  • Worth Every Penny!
    I used All Pest Pros for my termites. They got rid of those dam Pesky critters eating away at my home. I liked that they also replaced my wood damage.
    And installed new Insulation amazing how much cooler my house is now. The service technicians were super friendly and left my home clean. I recommend their service and their price was worth every penny.

    - Jack K.

  • Very Professional
    I found All Pest Pros on yelp looking for a treatment for roaches.  Making an appointment with them was very easy and when I had to change my appointment they were flexible with me.  They give a AAA discount.  I was quoted for $109 for a roach treatment for a town home.  We were told to get things out of the cabinets in the kitchen and the bathroom area.  It was a pain to get all the things out but make sure you do it so that the service man can do his job properly.  Our approximate appointment time was between 2-4pm.  They called to confirm the appointment two days before.  Albert came at 3:35 and called 20 minutes ahead of time to let us know he would be there in 20 minutes.  Albert was professional and did his job.  He sprayed the perimeter of the kitchen and bathroom as well as the outlets where roaches love to lay eggs (gross).  The treatment took about an hour.  Thank you Albert!  Professional and did his job well.

    - Pascale C.

  • Efficient and Professional
    All Pest Pros did a great job. We have a condo with one shared wall, so the tenting type of treatment was never an option for us. Their technician who worked on my house came when he was scheduled to be at my house, did his job in an efficient professional manner, and best of all, I did not have to pack up the whole house, find pet sitters, or worry that I was exposing myself, my family, and my pets to toxic chemicals.

    - Amanda L.

  • Extremely Thorough
    We had gotten a recommendation from this guy that works here from our neighbor, a fellow arachnophobe. I heard he was pretty thorough.  We had someone from Terminix come a few times and the first day he put a huge dent onto our brand new wood railing, then realized he spent 1/5 of the time this other guy from All Pest Pros did.  This guy is thorough - I mean THOROUGH!  He was here over 2 1/2 hours his first visit and got numerous wasp nests out of here and told me we had LOTS of brown widows (eeeeek).  He moved everything around - furniture, trash bins, etc. - Terminix did nothing of the sort.  I'm very happy with this service.  I highly recommend it.

    - Animor M.

  • Honest Work
    We were notified by a friend who was storing his stuff in our garage that we had termites.  We had no idea who to contact. A few days later we saw an ad for All-Pro Pests in the Auto Clubs Westward magazine so we thought we'd give them a try.  Dave showed up giving us a fair estimate.  He was professional and explained the cause and procedure in a satisfactory way.  He even was honest about our house saying it was fine and didn't try to sell us a bunch of unnecessary services.  The next day Sergio shows up ON TIME mind you and gets to work straight away.  He was very professional and thorough.  Even when there was a mechanical brake down with his machine his coworker Eric showed up within 15 min with the part needed for him to finish the job.  I highly recommend using this company.  I mean if the Auto Club recommends them you really can't go wrong.

    - Cejae R.

  • Eco-Friendly Products
    e  contracted with All Pest Pros to help us remove the rats in our attic by sealing the openings and replacing the insulation after years of rats.  Our situation turned out to be a complex and long one, and eventually entailed redoing our roof through another contractor. But through it all, this company stuck with us. Their employees were very responsive and professional, and the price very fair. We also applaud their focus on prevention - sealing critters out rather than using poisons that can have negative environmental effects. We recommend them highly and would hire them again.

    - Linda R.

  • Top-Notch Service
    My experience with All Pest Pros was stellar!!!  Robin was great about explaining the product to be used for termite treatment as well as being careful when inspecting my home.   He was detail oriented which is a good thing!!!   I had concerns about leaving door open when the treatment was taking place as I live in an area where we have very recently killed several rattle snakes.   My concerns were taken to heart and the treatment was completed with the exterior of my home closed up and secure.  Kevin was the technician who completed the work.   He was on time and again, very careful not to damage my property while he did my work.  He took time to answer my questions and assure me that I didn't need to leave the property while treatment was being completed.  I don't feel 5 stars is enough for my experience with this company!!!

    - Deanna S.

  • Great Work!
    I called All Pest Pros after seeing the advertisement in my Westway magazine from the automobile club. I felt that they would only advertise a company worth trying. I was having problems with waterbugs (giant cockroaches)not only outside but also inside my house and silverfish. The tech was on time and called to let me know just before his arrival that he was on the way.  I am proud to say just from the first treatment I have not seen any of the gruesome creatures. There was no smell or streams of liquid visible. The tech sprayed everywhere in my yard , around the house and inside. I will be using this company again.

    - Dorian B.