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Termite Wood Damage Repairs in Southern California

Efficient Termite Damage Restoration in Southern California

One of the reasons our customers are so happy with All Pest Pros is because we not only work to keep your home or business free from infestations, we also provide wood damage repairs and replacement. Our wood repair professionals are not only capable of repairing damage done by termites, they can repair fungus and dry rot damaged wood to stop its spread. With our many years of experience, you can count on All Pest Pros professionals to get the job done right.

The best part is that with our fair and upfront rates you never have to worry about last-minute charges or changing fees. With satisfaction guaranteed on every job, there’s no better company to call when you need a termite treatment and wood damage repairs in Southern California. Contact us to request an estimate today, and find out for yourself why locals love All Pest Pros.

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How to Repair Termite Damage

After eliminating a termite infestation, quickly repair the damage they caused to protect the structural integrity of your home. Depending on the extent of your termite damage, repairs may be simpler than you think.

Here's how to repair termite damage:

  • Wood hardeners - as long as the termite damage is minimal, you could fill the gaps with a wood hardener that matches the type of wood and level of damage
  • Wood fillers - if the damage is significant, use a wood filler to eliminate visible channels and then sand to smooth the surface of the wood
  • Wood replacement - some termite damage is irreversible; in this case, try switching out the damaged section or contact a professional to replace the structure altogether.

If termites have infiltrated your southern California home or business, you don't need to worry – termite wood damage repair is quick and easy with the help of the experienced professionals at All Pest Pros. Let the experts handle the termite repair so you can relax and feel comfortable in your home again!

Professional Solutions for Dry Rot, Fungus & Termite Damage

In many cases, All Pest Pros can replace damaged wood rather than patch repairing it—which is what most other termite companies or local handymen do. However, Fungus and dry rot damage cannot simply be patched or replaced. Fortunately, All Pest Pros offers industry-leading solutions for hardwood flooring, garages, workshops, attics, crawlspaces, exterior foundations, and more.

Make sure to look out for:

  • Common dry rot and fungus symptoms: Dry rot and fungus may start to grow on your property following flooding or other situations where your wood gets extremely wet. These organisms thrive in dank, dark, and moist parts of your home, where you may not initially see them. Watch out for a damp, musty odor if you have recently experienced a water-related incident on your property, as this a top sign you are dealing with dry rot or fungus. You should also look for wood that appears shrinking, darkened, and cracked. In its mycelium phase, dry rot has a white or grey appearance and a wool-like texture. From there, it will move on to the fruiting body or sporophore phase, in which the fungus turns a deep rust color, and begins to release spores into your air. Other wood fungi may manifest in various colors.
  • Common termite symptoms: Termite damage is often characterized by blisters in wood flooring, as well as hollowed or damaged wood around your commercial or residential property. You may also notice discarded insect wings near windows, doors, or other access points of your home during a termite infestation, as well as droppings that resemble coffee grounds or sawdust. The other major indicator that you’ve got a termite problem are mud tubes. These are small protective tubes made of soil and wood, which are most commonly used by subterranean termites to ward off predators and shield themselves from dry environments. Termites also use mud tubes to travel back and forth between their food source and their nest. If you find a mud tube around your home or business, it may no longer be active, but it also basically means you had a termite infestation at some point, if not an active one right now.

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